Owner Stephanie with Members Karl K. & Nurse MargaretAll One Family Senior Day Program
                                                                   Owner Stephanie with Members Karl K. & Nurse Margaret
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ph# 321-453-6577

after hours & Saturdays
ph# 321-536-7862


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A quote from Rosalyn Carter
"There are only four kinds of people in this world: Those who have been caregivers, those who currently are caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers."

Experts agree that despite the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of adult daycare centers, they remain underutilized due to the caregivers lack of awareness and failure to recognize they need help and that their care-receiver needs the physical, mental and social stimulation that just a home setting cannot provide.

A caregiver's life is usually taken over so slowly, they don't realize they have no life outside of care giving, social engagements dwindle or stop completely, friends visit less often and then not at all, club activities come to a halt, for some caregivers just doing the laundry uninterrupted can be seem like a vacation. All One Family allows caregivers to get back to there lives, continue working outside the home, receive help with the physical care of a loved one, avoid the cost and sometimes guilt of placing a loved one in institutional care, and have respite from what is a "24/7" responsibility.
Caregivers experience more instances of Depression, Heart Problems, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Disorders & Diabetes than Non-Caregivers. Seniors attending day programs have fewer instances of Falls, Illness, Doctor Visits & Hospitalizations than those who do not.

Welcome to Our Center,
    I'm Stephanie Licavoli, owner. I have had a family care home and taken care of seniors affected with physical as well as mental disabilities in my home, done hospice in my home, and I have many years of hands on nursing home experience. I have been involved with the care of seniors for more than 20 years. Karen has opened 2 family care homes with 8 years hands on experience with seniors, and we are in the process of opening a family care home for live in as well as weekend respite for seniors.

    After using the programs available in our area with our residents, we agreed on the need for a QUALITY Senior Daycare. Together, we have created just that, a Senior Day Program that is bright, cheerful, warm, loving, caring, fun, homelike and clean in smell and appearance. We have taken a totally different approach to programs in our area. I was the first in our area to offer a free day for any caregiver. We wear no uniforms at All One Family, you cannot tell the owner/administrator from the assistant administrator from the CNA, we want no one to feel they are being "taken care of" or that they are in any sort of medical facility. We appear to our Members as a Senior Club, But Make no mistake, we are a State of Florida, Agency For Health Care Administration licensed Adult Day Care Center. We give your loved one what we think is the utmost feeling of independence and belonging not found at any other Adult Day Care in our area, while supplying what we think is more care and attention for your loved one. We have created a place for the loved ones of our Caregivers that we are very proud of.

    At our Center there is never the need for an appointment to take a tour, and never the need to call before stopping in and checking on your loved one. Our doors are always open to the public and to the family and friends of our Members. Please, stop by and see the difference for yourself. You are always welcome here.

        Stephanie Licavoli

Caregivers, You don't have to do it alone
   Adult daycare centers offer a variety of health and social services for one-third to one-half the cost of home health, assisted living facilities and nursing home care. Home health care agencies and nursing homes nationwide are facing shortages in the paraprofessional work force. Home health care also does not provide the proper socialization, mental and physical stimulation required for the care receiver. Adult daycare centers are able to provide services with adequate staffing because their staffs, by and large, are not required to work evening and weekend shifts. Desirable hours and the congregate setting contribute to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of adult daycare centers. Adult daycare centers are commonly referred to as "the best kept secret in long-term care." These programs offer members and their caregivers a viable alternative to nursing home care, home health and assisted living. Experts agree that despite the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of adult daycare centers, they remain underutilized due to the caregivers lack of awareness and failure to recognize they need help and that their care-receiver needs the physical, mental and social stimulation that a home setting cannot provide.

Christmas Arts & Crafts    You're maintaining a delicate balance between career and family responsibilities, when suddenly you find that a loved one needs some extra care during the day. Maybe your mother, your dad, or even your spouse, has just been discharged from the hospital or rehab and needs a little extra support. You know that your loved ones cherish their independence, All One Family Senior Day Program offers a convenient way for you to manage this life change and gives your loved one that sense of independence and belonging they need.

   Members can be transported to and from by our van, spend a stimulating and active day in our beautiful surroundings and have their daily needs attended to at the same time all with the same love, care and devotion you would provide.

The following services are available at All One Family Senior Day Care Center:
  • A structured and supervised setting in a pleasant, clean, homelike environment.
  • Activities designed to promote independence and self-esteem and to improve the mental and physical condition of our members.
  • Assistance with Personal Care
  • Hot Meals and Nutritious Snacks
  • Transportation
  • Respite care
  • Supervision of Self Administered Medication
Telling Stories
   Your loved one will also benefit from All One Family. He or she is able to remain at home with family but does not require 24-hour care from the primary caregiver. All One Family members also have an opportunity to interact socially with peers, share in stimulating activities, and receive assistance with the activities of daily living with dignity and respect.

   A day at All One Family includes: supervised care; group and individual activities such as reminiscing, sensory stimulation, music, art's and crafts, outings, nutritious meals, transportation, recreation and exercise, Supervision of Self Administered Medication, caregiver education, assistance with personal needs and transportation. These services are customized to each member's needs.

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