The Sandwich Generation

   The term "Sandwich Generation" describes a relatively new phenomenon of adults balancing three major responsibilities: leading their own lives, raising their own children, and helping their aged parents. Although families helping older relatives is not new to the complexity of today's society. The complex lives of caregivers may include demanding full time careers that require travel or living far away from their aging family member. “I feel like I’m in the middle of a sandwich” Charlotte exclaimed, running a nervous hand through her graying dark hair and shaking her head. “On one side I have my parents telling me what to do, expecting me to call every day, depending on me to do things for them they can’t do themselves, like shop and drive them to the doctor. They make me feel guilty because I’m never as good to them as they would like me to be. On the other side, I have my teenage kids, who have become a bigger burden every year. They take up so much of my time, thoughts, and money. Even my 20-year-old. He still costs us quite a lot because he’s going to college. He uses my car and leaves me stuck in the house. He and his younger brothers all expect me to keep the refrigerator full of their favorite foods and then seem to think I’ll always clean their rooms and do their laundry…”