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All One Family-Woods Lake Adult Assisted Living Facility

Our Promise:
To love, care, respect, and treat your loved one with
the dignity they deserve, in a loving family atmosphere.

All One Family Woods Lake
an Assisted Living Facility
Lic #AL11789
306 Woods Lake Drive Cocoa, Florida 32926

   All One Family Woods Lake Assisted Living Facility was begun with the intent to provide an alternative to Nursing Home and large Assisted Living Facility placement for seniors who are frail, physically disabled, developmentally disabled, mentally ill and/or chemically dependent. Our main objective is to provide a family atmosphere for our resident.

   Assisted Living Facilitys serve adults (age 18 and above) who, because of physical, mental or emotional limitations, are unable to continue living alone. Such a person needs the support and security of family living that All One Family Woods Lake provides.

   All people have basic human needs (i.e., physical, emotional, spiritual) which they are capable of achieving to a certain degree, if they are provided with the appropriate amount of support. Thus, it is our goal, to help each individual meet these needs to the degree that they are capable by providing this support in a family setting. We help our resident by including him/her in home and family living activities.

   We give those unable to live alone an opportunity to receive needed supervision and services in a loving family setting. We want our residents to maintain a level of independent functioning consistent with their abilities, to develop or maintain a meaningful level of community participation, and any other goal(s) specific to that resident.

   We have also included at no additional cost, for our Assisted Living Facility Residents, our Adult Day Program. We feel our Day Program is an essential part of our residents as well as our Members well-being. We help them maintain a quality of life your loved one deserves. Our Day Program takes care of our Residents and Members Social, Physical, and Mental needs. Please see our home page and picture galleries for more information on All One Family Senior Day Program.

Our Family Care Home Provides:

• Loving Protective Care and Oversight in a Family Atmosphere
• Supervision of Self Administered Medication
• Home Cooking
• Laundry and Housekeeping
• Assistance with Dressing, Hygiene, Bathing, Eating
• Outings
• And Much More

   We have years of experience in caring for seniors in small family settings, and strongly feel small family settings such as ours are more consistent with quality care, unlike the large Assisted Living Facility where your loved one, in our opinion gets lost. We also feel the needs of individuals placed in large Assisted Living Facilities are not met to quality standards. They may look nice but in our experience for some residents without regular visits by the family at different hours of the day and night, seniors are left unattended and lonely, which can lead to depression and a host of other ailments.

   In a small setting seniors are included and encouraged to participate and stay involved and are less likely to become depressed. Caregivers in a family setting are more likely to notice changes in health or behavior and will take action, unlike staff in a large Assisted Living Facility where staff may overlook, or not even have the time to fully get to know the person behind the door. Some needs are overlooked in large ALFs because of frequency in staff turnover and staff shortages. Please call and set up a tour, see for yourself the difference we can make in your life and the live of you loved one.

   We have years of experience here to help you. Should you have any questions about any care giving issues, we have the answer or through our network of professionals we will find it for you, don‘t hesitate to call. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

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