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Photo Gallery 1
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Karl K's 100th Birthday Fun & Activities

Karl K's 100th Birthday
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Bringing out the Pastries

Karl K., Betty & Son Eric

Birthday Party

The Birthday Boy & Friends

WOW What a Crowd

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Fun & Activities
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Doris, Cathrine, Mary, Nurse Margaret

George 2


Karl Napping & Tom

Miss Bunnie

Joyce C.

Marcelle Enjoying Lake Poinsett

Miss Bunnie on the Water

Joyce C. Enjoying the Ride

Joyce C. Taking Her Turn at the Wheel

Karl @ Lake Poinsett

Marcelle & Stephanie

Nurse Margaret in the HotTub

Regina in the HotTub

The Girls

We Love It!

Karl K. at the Picnic

Karl K. Merritt Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Karl K. Taking a Break

Look at All Those Manatee

Looking at the Manatee

Manatee 1

Manatee 2

Manatee 3
We got rained out at the ball game
We got rained out with the crowd
We didn't get peanuts or crackerjacks
But you can bet we are gonna go back
And root root root for our home team
And because we'll root they will win
Cause it's 1, 2, 3 strikes your out
At the old ball game

Cathrine, Doris

Cathrine, Mike, Stephanie, Wendy, Doris, Regina not Hiding & Karl

Cathrine, Stephanie, Wendy, Doris, Regina Hiding & Karl

Doris 1

Doris, Cathrine, Regina Hiding, Karl


Karl 1


Cathrines Up

Doris Caught One Too!

Doris Having A Turn

Doris Proud As Punch

George & Miss Bobbie

Giving Tom A Hand

JessieThe Dog Wanting Lunch

Karl Never Misses

Karl,Tom & Regina


Mary & Nurse Margaret

Miss Bobbie

Nurse Margaret

Nurse Margaret Throwing



Regina & George Fishing

Reginas Fish

She Didn't Want To Hold It But She Did

She Landed It!

She's Wrestling It In!

Sisters Nurse Margaret & Regina

Tom Throwing Horseshoes

WOW What A Pitch Cathrine

Young Alex Meeting 100 Yr Old Karl

Christmas Arts & Crafts

Christmas Party 1

Christmas Party 2

Ms. Peggy Entranced By The Singer

Christmas Party 4

Christmas Party 5

Christmas Party Entertainment

Karl K. Helping with the Entertaining

Margaret H.

Merry Christmas

Elanor the Snow Women

Karl & Stephanie

Violin Player

That's Funny, But I Don't Need Those Cotton Balls

Notice The Cotton Balls

I NEED The Cotton Balls!

AHHHH ...... Cotton Balls

New Years Noon Party 1

New Years Noon Party 2

New Years Noon Party 3

New Years Noon Party 4

Miss Peggy Enjoying the Party

Marcelle & Karen

Nurse Margaret & Her Funny Face

Nurse Margaret

Doris, Wendy & Lisa


Doris, Wendy & Lisa

Barbershop Singers

Barbershop Singers

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings

LaSenora Sings












Having a Ball

Hoyt V. Says Who's Ready


Keep Them In

We Did It

Look How High It Went!

Swing Batter

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